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…Our war has spread like fire across the galaxy.

With the destruction of the 2nd Death Star and the uncontestable rumors of the Emperor's death, many new systems have joined the once flagging rebellion. It is a decade of incredible strife; on numerous worlds, the imperial war machine grinds ever onward, spreading suffering and propaganda in its wake. The Arturi Cluster is a hotly contested zone, tightly gripped in the gauntlet of imperial control. The recent meddlings of a certain ragtag band of pilots, however, have begun to push the fragile borders of Rebel-affiliated space forward.

These ferocious freedom fighters, recruited in desperate times, are composed primarily of ex-convicts from the corellian system. Their tactics are ingenious, their reputation is dangerous, and the trail of destruction they leave behind has been described by imperial strategists as simply… brutal.

Brute Squadron. These are their missions, their triumphs and failures. This is our story.

Home Page

Brute Squadron Finalstrike